Following global safety standards

We are very keen on highlighting and enhancing safety standards within our work environment. We provide a safe and healthy atmosphere capable of providing the psychological, social and physical needs of every team member and then achieving productive efficiency that advances our vision and creates fruitful successes that benefit the team first and then the company as a whole.

Team safety comes first

The safety of our team comes first, so we create a work culture that enhances the concept of safety and security; that include the following:

  • Maintaining the safety of the workplace by being free from any risks possible.
  • Maintaining the safety of equipment to be free of causes of injury, damage or accidents.
  • Maintaining the safety of the way employees perform their work; by training them on the best ways to avoid accidents of various kinds.
Occupational safety and health rules

Occupational safety and health rules

We adopt global occupational safety and health rules, as we enhance the visibility of regulatory within the work environment in accordance with an agreed upon legal and legislative framework, as we ultimately aim to maintain the safety of workers and customers.

Occupational safety and health procedures

Occupational safety and health procedures

We follow professional occupational safety and health procedures, which include:

  • Maintaining all machines and equipment periodically.
  • Providing information, regulations and rules that help maintain the security and safety of workers
  • Safe storage and careful handling of hazardous materials.
  • Emphasis on wearing safe clothing
  • Providing medical tools and first aid in the work environment.
  • Providing continuous training on various safety and prevention methods
Our work environment system

Our work environment system

We provide guidance and educational regulations that stipulate the values ​​of work within our company, including the rights and duties of each team member, so that every individual within the organization is aware of his/her rights before their duties and to be familiar with the company’s values, method, and administrative approach, and thus the communication within the organization is more harmonious and professional.

Safety policies we don't compromise

The safety management methodology in our company aims to prevent accidents and achieve a healthy and safe work environment by providing health care and recreational means that contribute to improving the physical and psychological condition of the team. You can learn more about the rules, procedures and policies followed in this regard within Al-Rafia Company by downloading our occupational safety and health booklet.

Download Health and Safety Manual

Training and awareness

We work to provide appropriate training for our team, by training them and increasing their awareness of potential risks and the best ways to deal with them. This training includes how to use protective equipment and follow appropriate safety procedures. In addition to enhancing awareness of risks and the best preventive behaviors followed through awareness campaigns that we launch periodically within our work environment.

Risk assessment and safety planning

This stage is one of the most important and necessary ones to ensure the safety of our construction site; Therefore, we ensure an accurate and detailed analysis of such risks that may occur and estimate their degrees of severity, then we work to develop clear plans that overcome them effectively. A safety guideline that includes the procedures and measures that must be followed to mitigate these risks and even avoid them completely. Through this comprehensive analysis, we ensure the safety and security of all workers in our construction sites.

Compliance with regulations

We are keen on providing the necessary instructions and regulations related to occupational safety and health, so we include them within the company and on our construction sites. We are also keen on training workers and enhancing their awareness of following and complying with the regulations. We codify this within a legislative and legal framework that guarantees the worker’s right and the company’s right as well.