Our Sustainability

We seek to adopt sound environmental practices in the various sectors in which we work by promoting various forms of administrative and technical innovation within our work environment, which contributes to generating more effective and more influential ideas that can change the way we work and make it in constant development towards the best possible practices. In addition, we use raw materials that are more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. Because this is our human and societal duty to leave a cultural legacy of successful and sustainable projects that have a positive impact on future and present generations.

Mr. Saleh Ibrahim Awad Awad

Chairman of the Board

“We direct our energy and resources towards sustainable investments through the construction of pioneering projects with a strategic direction that can improve the quality of life in our communities, protect and preserve our resources, and even recycle them in a way that increases their productivity and effectiveness. All of this is by harnessing the minds of our team and creating an innovative work environment that enhances the use of technology and creative space to create a cultural legacy that has a positive impact on the present and the future.”

Sustainable work strategy

We place our greatest focus on creating a sustainable work environment through a strategy that combines theoretical and applied innovation to spread awareness within our organization first and in our community later.

Eco-friendly materials

We work to integrate sustainable technologies and energy-saving practices into the way we manage our projects in order to reduce the rate of our energy consumption and thus reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, which contributes to reducing our energy costs and the resulting production damage to the environment at the same time.

Minimize Waste

We apply sustainable practices throughout every executive and planning step we take; however, we pay more attention to the way we manage our production waste, so we work to recycle and use it if possible to contribute to reducing the amount of waste and making it a positive resource that can be optimally exploited and benefited from.

Energy Conservation

We incorporate energy-efficient technologies and practices into our projects. By reducing our energy consumption, we not only lower our carbon footprint but also save on energy costs in the long run.

Moving steadily to be part of 2030 vision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our first motive has always been to leave a legacy of pioneering projects in the Kingdom that can leave an effective imprint that changes the lives of future generations and serves as a beacon for them.

Therefore, we are committed to applying and promoting sustainable practices in every project we build, and we prepare ongoing investments in research and development to contribute to building a healthy future rich in achievements for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

Learn about our social responsibility

Explore more about our social responsibility initiatives and how we are making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

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