About us

About Al Rafia

We are name of a very fast-growing entity was established in Saudi Arabia

We started first step in Contracting field by implementing asphalting roads

And buildings construction works in different regions of Saudi Arabia

Al Rafia turn its activity toward water & sewage infrastructural projects

Al Rafia has a high-sophisticated and prosperous significant progress

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Mr. Saleh Alawad

Chairman of the Board speech

40 (forty) years ago, with a Modest possibility, and hopeful future vision, (AL-RAFI Contracting) was born to start their journey as a national Contracting Establishment to achieve uniqueness in its different operations.

And today (Thanks God) AL-RAFIA is considered as one of the leading Contracting Companies, and AL-RAFIA reach this by God help then the Dedication of its management and working team in implementation of AL-RAFIA projects according to the high quality & professional standards

Finally, I have to thank our wise government for its continued support for national contracting companies and its Permanent Keenness for infrastructure projects

Also, I thank all who participate and do his best for AL-RAFIA to reach its rank (Employees, Administrations, and Labors) and I really appreciate your effort all.

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Al Rafia Services

Al Rafia serving multiple solutions such
Water Plants & Networks
Construction of water pumping stations including All related activities
Design & Construction of all works related to Water Networks including all Types
Supply & Install for all types of Sewage Pumps

Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy
Our clients are amongst the most sophisticated in the market; they know what they want and where to get it. In Al-Rafia we are aware of the challenge to work with such discerning clients and are committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance. Al-Rafia has developed systems

Al Rafia Vision

Alrafia Vision 
Expand AL-RAFIA business in the Gulf and globally
Al Rafia Mission
AL-RAFIA has to do everything related to water & sewage Construction field with full commitment towards Quality & Customer Satisfaction. Using modern technology in serving the construction

Our Projects Portfolio

We Glad to display some of our projects

AL Nassem Jeddah

AL Nassem Jeddah Home extenstion Implementation of the non-implemented sub-lines

Our Clients