Quality makes a difference

We guarantee quality implementation and accuracy in planning. We work to provide integrated services by following scientific and practical methods while keeping pace with the latest technological means and developing a modern administrative system capable of adapting to continuous market changes and then keeping pace with the challenges of the era and solving them in innovative ways and means.

“We are obligated to comply with global industry standards; as we seek to make a difference in the world of contracting and to achieve the highest quality standards through planning, management and implementation so that we can be a beacon that builds a cultural heritage that lives for the future and influence changes from now and forever”

Our quality standards

Quality standards are not just a method or a means, but rather a strategic philosophy that accurately determines our direction to achieve our vision and perform our mission to the fullest. Therefore, we strive to make our quality a practical application and an actual practice that pays the steps of our business and our customers, through:

Spreading a culture of quality within the organization.

Using high-quality and durable materials through cooperation with trusted suppliers and distributors with experience in the field

Design and plan projects in accordance with internationally approved engineering standards

Supervising and implementing with precision and attention to ensure that projects are implemented according to approved specifications and designs

Conducting various tests on materials and structures to verify their quality and compliance with international specifications

Taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of workers and those present on construction sites

Regular maintenance of the project to maintain its quality and safety in the long term.

Our Approach

Every individual within the organization adheres to quality standards, from the Board of Directors and senior managers to trainees in the professional team; This is because we adopt a strategic action plan to implement and activate quality at every stage of our work and then create a professional work environment that follows international quality standards.

Determine acceptance criteria

in the beginning; We build the project plan based on the client's needs to avoid making any mistakes and so that the quality management system for each project is more professional and smooth, and thus the team becomes more understandable of the project requirements.

Develop a plan for inspections

To ensure that predetermined acceptance criteria are met, we develop a plan for inspections, which may be repeated throughout the construction phase; Such operations contribute to determining the required implementation period and the expected budget.

Create a checklist

To verify the extent of the team’s regularity in carrying out executive tasks and adhering to the specifications set by the client, we work to create checklists to share with the team before starting the project to guide them in how to perform their tasks in the best and most effective means, achieving time and following the project budget.

Correcting deficiencies and checking acceptance criteria

After the project specifications are clear and implementation begins; Inspections are conducted according to checklists so that we assess quality deficiencies and then work to remedy them before completing the project.

Acceptance verification

After completion of inspections and correction of all deficiencies; clients notified of all developments in the project, and then their approval is requested for quality control and for them to be aware of the changes expected to occur in the project based on the followed quality standards.

Prevent future deficiencies

The last and most important stage is quality control, then determining the cause of errors occurring in the project, agreeing and raising awareness of the measures taken to prevent their recurrence in the future, and then including such item in the acceptance criteria and sending it to all concerned parties.

Learning and development

Our team is our backbone; Therefore, we are keen on creating a safe and healthy work environment that guarantees health care and entertainment for our employees in order to improve their psychological and physical conditions and encourage them to professional and social growth.


Quality Policy Statement

We always strive to achieve and implement international quality policies, which in turn guarantee exceptional services in the contracting world so we follow such policies to meet customers’ needs, by following three fundamental principles:

  • Identifying customer needs and meeting them
  • Examine the project before and after implementation, then identify potential risks and take the necessary measures.
  • Ensure that workers are stationed in their designated places and follow the company's quality regulations.

Integrated Management System (IMS)

We follow the integrated management system that is applied at the entire company level with the aim of achieving the client’s requirements and implementing projects at a high level of quality; which is applied in:

  • Quality Management
  • Environmental management
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration.